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Thomas Cogdell

Thomas Cogdell was 12 years old when he and his mother discovered his 11-year-old sister, Kaylee, dead, tied up on her bed. During the police investigation, Thomas was interrogated without his mother present for more than five hours and is seen on video telling authorities -- 36 times -- that he didn’t kill his sister. At one point during the interrogation, the recording stopped and remained off for more than three hours. When it came back on, Thomas confessed to the murder. He spent two years locked up for the crime, until a judge threw out his confession on technical grounds. Thomas says he was exhausted and confused, and that he was coerced by police to confess to the crime.

Now 18 and free, Thomas dreams of going to college. The Dr. Phil Foundation is giving Thomas $5,000 toward his education. Please donate to Thomas' college fund and help him pursue his college dreams!

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