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New Beginning for Texas Triplets

When Dr. Phil introduced Zoe, Emma and Sophie, the only known deafblind triplets in the world, in the Dr. Phil episode "Silent Darkness," the response to his request for contributions was immediate and overwhelming.

LowerMyBills.com, a long-term supporter of The Dr. Phil Foundation, contributed $50,000 to secure the services of a specially trained intervenor. Viewers continued to respond to the need. On October 5, Dr. Phil and The Foundation presented a $270,000 contribution to the parents of the triplets. Donated by viewers from across the country, these funds will be placed in a special needs trust at Sterling Bank, which will manage the trust for the benefit of the triplets at no fee.

Since their appearance, Liz and her husband, George, have been watching their three deafblind children begin to improve in increments. Intervenors have been working with the girls, just like Anne Sullivan did with Helen Keller, and their help has had a positive effect on the entire family. Sadly, two years have passed since a professional has served as the girls’ eyes and ears, teaching them to communicate for the very first time and to become more self-sufficient.

When Liz and George returned to the show, they admitted that the stress of watching their girls lose what they’ve learned has taken a toll on their marriage. Says Liz, "Every day, I physically can’t give [my kids] what they need, and I take it out on George a lot." 

Dr. Phil has a surprise for the couple.

The Dr. Phil Foundation has arranged for Linda Goetz, an intervenor, to move to their hometown of Texas to take care of the triplets for the next year!

Your generous donations have largely contributed to the girls' remarkable advancements. To support their continued success, click here.

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